South West Florida restaurants, pubs and food trucks – we want you! We're searching for the the best fish tacos. Any fish is allowed including seafood. Shrimp, scallops, clams, octopus... SIGN UP TODAY! It's just $45 to enter the competition payable by check or credit card. We'll set a date for the vetted judges to come to your establishment. Call for more details: 239-240-8100 or EMAIL.

Do you got what it takes to win? We're looking for restaurants, bars and food trucks. Scroll to bottom to enter the Coastal Locals 2nd Annual Fish Taco Frenzy Competition in JUNE 2018.

Who's got the BEST fish taco in SW Florida?

2nd Annual Coastal Locals Fish Taco Frenzy Competition


The Coastal Locals 2nd Annual Fish Taco Frenzy Competition, started by Page One Graphics Inc. in a simple effort to discover who has the BEST fish taco in South West Florida, is BACK.

The lovely South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico contains thousands of salt water fish species and this was one endeavor the company was happy to embrace.

The new concept of judging a particular food dish at individual restaurants, one visit at a time, was born in 2013 when the company had organized their Annual Boca Locals March Meatball Madness Competition, in Boca Raton, Florida. The chef’s really showcase their best meatball each year – whether it’s in the category of traditional or “out-of-the-box” with unique makings of a meatball - to four vetted food judges.

The WHO:

The Coastal Locals vetted food judges are chosen from their background. Many are food bloggers. Others are food critics, who really envelop all aspects of food and like to use social media to highlight their dining experiences. This is a key aspect to the food competitions because it adds more excitement for the public as they follow our every post through out that particular month.

At the end of the competition, articles and blogs are written on the food that was judged along with personal commentary and results of the winners in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Essentially, all restaurants are winners, resulting in exposure of their establishment with pictures, listings, posts and remarks from vetted food judges on several channels all month long!


The vetted judges will visit each participating restaurant wanting to hash it out for the win all through the month of June.

Chefs – bring it ON! 

Bayfront Bistro

Big Blue Brewing

Cape Cod Fish Co.

Castaway’s Bar and Grill

Cavo Lounge

Connor’s Steak and Seafood

Deep Lagoon Seafood

Edgewater Beach Hotel


Farlow’s On The Water

Fish Crazy Restaurant

Fujiyama Steak House of Japan

Hyatt Coconut Plantation

King’s Kitchen

Lazy Flamingo

Nauti-Parrot Dock Bar

Nauti-Parrot Tiki Hut


Nemo’s Sports Bistro

Olde Fish House Marina

Pincher’s at Marina Edison Ford

Point 57

Scotty’s Brewhouse

Shangri-la Springs

Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

The Fish House

The Standard 

The Chef Behind the Fish Taco:


Congratulations Nauti-Parrot Tiki Hut!


Nauti-Parrot Tiki Hut is heads and tails above their competitors in the 2017 Coastal Locals Fish Taco Frenzy Competition. Their succulent Key West inspired fish taco won over the judges with brilliantly grilled sea scallops, red cabbage slaw, a tangy honey-mango pico de gallo, pomodoro tomaoes, red onion, red pepper, cilantro and freshly squeezed key lime juice. This was all wrapped in a flour and a corn tortilla bound together by chipolte sour cream!

Try one for yourself - paired with a Skinny Margarita or ice cold Corona! Nauti-Parrot Tiki Hut is located at 3448 Marinatown Lane, North Fort Myers, FL 33903.  See WEB SITE.

SECOND PLACE WINNER: Edgewater Beach Hotel

THIRD PLACE WINNER:  Deep Lagoon Seafood

The Chef Behind the Fish Taco:


My, my, my... shrimp tacos do not get any better than this! This is a "taquito" style shrimp taco wrapped in a warm and lightly charred flour tortilla with homemade black beans tossed in a cilantro-lime sauce, fennel and mandarin orange with sriracha and shaved scallions on top!

This is on the menu all the time at the beautiful Edgewater Beach Hotel, 1901 Gulf Shore Blvd, Naples, Florida, FL 34102!  See WEB SITE.

With roots in Boston's north-end and in Bar Harbour, Maine, this chef knows fresh seafood – and better that that – he knows how to deliver it, and in outstanding preparations. Nauti-Parrot Tiki Hut should be thrilled to have him in their kitchen!

Just a hair behind their competitors in this exciting Fish Taco Frenzy Competition is Deep Lagood Seafood ranking in third. The lovely hog fish is local to Key West waters. It was filleted in butter, blackened in a Cajun spice rub then adorned with chipotle sour cream, avocado slices and a red cabbage and white cabbage slaw.

We recommend you RUN (not walk) to enjoy this fresh fish taco! Deep Lagoon Seafood, 10395 Tamiami Trail, N. Naples, Florida, FL 34108. See WEB SITE.

The Chef Behind the Fish Taco:


Moving from Mexico to the United States at the age of two hadn't shaken off any deep roots of authentic Mexico cookery for Chef Gerardo!

Chef studied at Johnson and Wales University in Miami and learned his craft well during the last 12 years, working at Edgewater Beach Hotel for 2 1/2 year of them.

His culinary skills shine through in an abundance of flavor combinations. 

Chef Luis brings on the freshness and homemade sauces and rounds out any dish with masterful precision of spice.

Thank you to all the chefs and restaurants that participated!

See information below on our Coastal Locals FIsh Taco Frenzy Competition in June 2018!

2017 Fish Taco Frenzy in South West Florida