Do you got what it takes to win? We're looking for restaurants, bars and food trucks. Scroll to bottom to enter the Coastal Locals March Meatball Madness Competition MARCH, 2019.

Who's got the BEST BALLS in SW Florida?

Coastal Locals March Meatball Madness Competition 2019!


The new concept of judging a particular food dish at individual restaurants, one visit at a time, was born in 2013 when the company had organized their Annual Boca Locals March Meatball Madness Competition, in Boca Raton, Florida. The chef’s really showcase their best meatball each year – whether it’s in the category of traditional or “out-of-the-box” with unique makings of a meatball - to four vetted food judges.

Now, it's coming to Southwest Florida in a HUGE meatball sort a way! Join us, register and follow along as the competition unravels to see who has the "Best Balls!"

The WHO:

The Coastal Locals vetted food judges are chosen from their background. Many are food bloggers. Others are food critics who really envelop all aspects of food and like to use social media to highlight their dining experiences. This is a key aspect to the food competitions because it adds more excitement for the public as they follow our every post through out that particular month.

At the end of the competition, articles and blogs are written on the food that was judged along with personal commentary and results of the winners in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Essentially, all restaurants are winners, resulting in exposure of their establishment with pictures, listings, posts and remarks from vetted food judges on several channels all month long!


The vetted judges will visit each participating restaurant through the month of March.

Chefs – bring it ON! 

2019 March Meatball Madness in Southwest Florida


South West Florida restaurants, pubs and food trucks – we want you! We're searching for the the BEST BALLS. SIGN UP TODAY! It's just $36 to enter the competition and showcase one (1) meatball - payable by check or credit card. (2) Two meatballs showcased for entry into the competition are $50. We'll set a date for the vetted judges to come to your establishment. Call for more details: 239-240-8100 or EMAIL.