Restaurants, Pubs, Food Trucks, OH, MY!

Where to Find The Freshest Seafood IN Naples?

There always seems to be that question. Where could you get the freshest seafood in Naples? It's asked on Facebook, Twitter and in endless messages...

Some of our favorites spots are Deep Lagoon Seafood and Market at 10395 Tamiami Trail N, Naples WEB SITE and the beautiful Edgewater Beach Hotel at 1901 Gulf Shore Blvd, Naples! WEB SITE

Take note! Deep Lagoon Seafood and Market has an amazing offer going on until the end of July 31, 2017. Get two $50 gift cards for the price of $85.

Touring Neighborhoods for Culture, Music and Culinary...

Natural Farming is Taking Root

GourMeat is now delivering to South West Florida and South Florida markets, residents and restaurants. Uruguay premium quality meat. 100% grass fed. 100% natural. Antibiotics and hormone free. 

Call 239-240-8100 to see pricing and place your orders.

It’s one thing to preserve an historic neighborhood but something entirely different to make it inviting enough so as to make people from other places come enjoy it for its architecture and culture. Punta Gorda is now the hotspot for folks looking for more than just a place to grab a good meal.

Coastal Locals just loves Downtown Punta Gorda! It has the makings of a fun, fun day - or evening out with all the lovely boutique shops and art museums. Our "go to" place for a cold beer and authentic fish and chips is Celtic Ray Public House & Irish Pub at 145 E Marion Ave. They also have a new food truck so be on the look out for good grub on the GO.

You won’t find anyone at Farmer Jay Pure Organics complaining about weeds or pests. Instead, they’re celebrating them – to a degree. In an effort to show how nature is the better farm and garden manager, gardeners and small plot farmers are looking at planting in a newer, greener manner. Here, pests and weeds aren’t a bother.